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Opportunity Everywhere - Knowing Where to Look for Big Corporate Contracts

  This is a continuation of the series about how to land big corporate clients. Let us review items in the news and talk about opportunity. Let us change the question of “does opportunity exist” to “where should I look for opportunity and how do I identify it”? That's right – the question is never “is there opportunity?”. It is always an issue of “how do I recognize opportunity? How do I spot it? How do I know if it's something that I should be looking for?”  So, once again, this is about acquiring a mindset and skill set -- becoming a more savvy at spotting opportunities for your business -- or more precisely, building a robust sales pipeline.  Let’s look at Apple for an example of how to spot opportunity. Recently, Apple announced a $1 billion project for a campus in Austin, Texas. $1 billion is a lot of money, and there will be considerable suppliers that will benefit from this investment in Texas. Now you might say, “well, that's great, but that's not helping me.