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Signs You Are Running A Prima Donna Business

My topic for this blog is “The Signs That You Have a Prima Donna Business”. Now you might be thinking, “what do you mean -- a prima donna business? I'm not running a prima donna business. As a matter of fact, that word is offensive to me”.  Well, I want you to think about this for a second. How many of you got into business with a strong subject matter expertise. I mean you were in accounting --  you knew accounting like there's no tomorrow; you were in healthcare -- you knew healthcare, dentistry, doctors, massage therapists; you were highly trained in what you do. You went to school, you learned a vocation, you learned a trade, you learned a business function and you are really and truly a master of all of that. And you can do that like there's no tomorrow. How many of you started your businesses with nothing but just confidence that you could go out and make it successful? You put a business plan together. You went out there, you started talking to customers and you had