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Pathway to Your Success - Part 2: Corporate Contracts vs Government Contracts

  This is the second in our “Pathway to Your Success” series where we walk you through issues such as: corporate contracts versus government contracts; how do you use corporate contracts for legacy business growth, and what does that mean; what do large companies buy; w the time is now for small business owners to get into this game, and how to go about financing your business so that you can play to win. What is the opportunity that corporate procurement versus government procurement presents? What really is the smartest choice for you to sell your products right now? Corporate procurement; government procurement; retail; or direct to customer now that you’re thinking about a legacy business, sustainable growth, and something that will sell for a good multiple of earnings or profit. The biggest challenge that small business owners have is that you build these businesses, but they never sell for what you think they should sell for. You probably have an idea in mind of what you'