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Prolific Opportunities Abound in Business Sections of Newspapers

  In past episodes of this opportunity series, w e discussed Apple announcing a billion-dollar construction project. We discussed wearables; technology; the jobs report; drones; and people moving from one region to another. W hat I hope you've been coming away with is you just need to look at the business pages and see what's going on in the news. You should see opportunity everywhere.  As an example, a couple of years ago an article about a building supplies company in the US appeared in the newspaper. The company actually supplies a lot of construction materials, home remodeling equipment, light fixtures, appliances and different things you can use to remodel your home. Mostly do it yourself jobs, but they also have a portion of their business where building contractors come in and purchase supplies. Interestingly, they made an announcement that they planned to hire 65,000 people. This was an article that delineated the company’s plans. Let's look at some of the details