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This is a continuation of the opportunity series. Here I will be discussing opportunities found in the US jobs report. The most recent jobs report showed that, in the USA, over 900,000 jobs were added in the last period. That's huge. We went through a period where we were only adding a fraction of jobs in a period and then 900,000 jobs in this last period. In the US we have what's called the labor participation rate, and the labor participation rate measures how many available adults are actually gainfully employed -- which is different from the unemployment number. Pre-pandemic, the labor participation rate was at a historic 72 percent. Typically, the US will hover in the mid-to-high sixties, but at that time we were at an unprecedented 72 percent -- meaning that 72 percent of all working-age people are getting jobs and we are getting well beyond full employment. Post-pandemic it appears that we are on pace to achieve and exceed our previous historic high.  We actually have a