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Pathway to Your Success - Part 9 The Corporate Opportunity: How to Get Into The Game

  Congratulations! You have made it to the last installment of my nine-part series on the Pathway to Your Success. This series has talked about a number of different things. It's been about helping you to discover the small business growth opportunity with the biggest companies in the world. I have discussed corporate contracts versus government contracts; how to use corporate contracts for legacy business growth; what large companies buy; why the time is now for small business owners to get into this game; and financing your business so that you can really play to win. I have also covered the mindset for success. Today's topic and the final part of this series is “ The Corporate Opportunity: How to Get Into The Game ”. I was talking to someone with whom I'm working closely and we were thinking back about our childhood. Do you remember when you were a teenager how you just knew everything -- you were on top of the world? Sometimes it was difficult listening to your pare