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Pathway To Your Success - Part 8: The Corporate Opportunity – Small Business Financing

Welcome to Part 8 of my 9-part series -- “The Pathway to Your success” -- helping you to discover the small business growth opportunity with the biggest companies in the world. During this series, I have gone through various issues such as: corporate contracts versus government contracts; how to use corporate contracts for legacy business growth, and what that means; what large companies buy; why the time is now for small business owners to get into this game; and what is the mindset for success. For this segment, the topic is “The Corporate Opportunity – Small Business Financing”. I am going to cover this in two parts. There is a reality TV show pertinent to this topic right now on a US cable channel that features a billionaire who believes that it's still possible to start a successful business with no money. So, he's challenged himself to go out with a camera crew -- with nothing more than a hundred dollars in his pocket and a pickup truck --and figure out how to build a m