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  This is a continuation of our Opportunity Everywhere series. I am going to focus on opportunities created by drones. In my last blog I discussed wearables. By discussing these products, my intent is to really open your mind up to the idea that you should be able to pick up the newspaper and see an opportunity for your business every day. Don’t get trapped into the mindset that you have to always look for a specific thing. Yes, that's good - - you always want to stay focused. You want to always make sure that you're capitalizing on what you do best because that's leverageable. It builds on your core, it helps you with your competitive differentiation. Doing what you do best is a huge formula or ingredient for success, but you may be missing some great opportunities that are not within the parameters of your exact search. How do you really analyze what's going on in the business environment right now so that you can present what you do best to businesses that, at the